In this consultation we not only assess the interior of the home, but also analyze the surrounding topography and landscape. In traditional Chinese feng shui this is known as ‘geomancy’. The geomancy of a place can play a fundamental role in determining the level of success, renown, wealth, and longevity you or your family will be able to harness in a particular location.

Home Interior Consultation


 In this consultation we will assess the vital energy within your home and how your personal energy interacts with it. In traditional Chinese feng shui this is known as ‘bazhai’. By analyzing these energies we can fine-tune your environment to meet your personal needs.


The Five Element Theory is one of the primary concepts in the ancient art of traditional Chinese feng shui. These five elements are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The ancient Taoists observed that there are five basic energetic qualities that can be found in the human experience of the world, and these have come to be known as the five elements. It should be understood that this is not referring to wood itself, fire itself, earth itself, metal itself, or water itself, but rather to the archetypes of these energies.


Never underestimate the effect of clutter in your life. Energy stagnates where clutter accumulates. Clutter is low, stagnant, dense, confusing energy that is personally draining. During this consultation I read the energy in your home, address areas where there are stuck, dense energies, and suggest strategies to begin the process of clearing.


Your home is a holistic expression of your life: every individual part mirrors the entirety of your life situation. If your life is feeling stuck, this consultation can be a first step in getting things moving!


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Your garden can help you find balance and peace. Since ancient times gardens have been a place of meditation, stress release, and contemplation. Working with the ecosystems in and around your home can have dramatic effects on your health and well being. Feng shui gardens are designed to bring harmony to the external and internal chi of your home.

Home Office Consultation

You have an important contribution to make to the world! I am passionate about helping you identify and express your path of purpose. Working from home brings numerous benefits to one's lifestyle. It also presents the challenges of balancing business and home life, working with feelings of social isolation, and maintaining efficiency and productivity.