Clutter Clearing Consultation

If you are looking for...

  • A sense of movement.
  • A sense of lightness and more energy.
  • New doors of opportunity to open in your life.
  • Improvement in your health and relationships.
  • More harmony and joy in your life.

Do you want to ...

  • Feel less stuck and tired?
  • Have less fear of the unknown?
  • Break free of the need to hold onto everything around you?
  • End the feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness?
  • Heal the emotions of chaos and anxiety?
  • Transform your patterns of dysfunction or ill health?
  • Have more oomph to begin the task of decluttering?

This consultation can be one of the most daunting for clients. I approach this consultation with sensitivity, humor, and compassion. There can be great shame for some people around their clutter. Get over it! I'm here to help! The art of clutter clearing, organizing, and moving chi can be an emotional experience, especially if the clutter has accumulated over a very long time. You will be amazed at the level of change you can make in your life when you embark on this journey. There is something immensely therapeutic about clearing your clutter. While you are clearing things on an external level, there is a corresponding change happening internally. Being free of clutter is a crucial preliminary step in manifesting the life you want. It is essential if you truly want to experience joy and happiness in your life. Joy is a feeling of great energy flowing through your body, and it cannot happen if your channels are blocked.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • A deep inquiry into your current life situation: What needs to change? What are your intentions? What commitments do you want to make? 
  • Assessing, planning, and creating the system for clutter clearing.
  • A concrete plan for completion.
  • Hands on help from me and assistance in enlisting additional help if needed.
  • A space-clearing session upon completion, using essential oils, flowers, music, sound, and light.


A Clutter Clearing Consultation is done in four sessions (typically 10 hours total).

  • These should ideally be scheduled very close together.
  • $800 (4 visits)

Hourly rate for additional visits - $75

After each visit, it is up to you to implement the recommendations and continue with the process. Taking personal responsibility can be very empowering and transforming. I am happy to support you in finding contractors or other people to assist you.

Fine-tuning can be an integral part of the work and may require additional visits or consultation.