There are many ideas of what it means to live sustainably. Here I am talking about sustainability of your own personal energy and how that contributes to the happiness and well-being of all. If we understand the principles of feng shui, we come to realize that in order to be a part of the larger global solution, we must first create balance and harmony within. The fundamental concept of chi (Qi) is that it exists in all things. Everything is interconnected.

The art of self-care requires at least the same attention and significance we bestow upon the rest of the world. Productivity and success are not just about efficiency and drive. In order for life and business to operate smoothly we need to create environments that will replenish and support us, providing a balanced, strong flow of chi to cultivate and sustain our energy.

The goal of feng shui is to make your life easier and more conducive to:

  • the achievement of your personal potential.
  • health and happiness in your relationships and family life.
  • success and enjoyment in your work life.
  • A greater positive influence on your community and ultimately the world.

My goal is to guide you in achieving this kind of personal energetic sustainability.