I believe Julia's feng shui work opened transformative change in my life on 2 critical occasions.  First, it was several years after my divorce and I realized I was ready to invite a man into my life.  Julia came and explored my home with me.  She helped me clarify my intentions about the kind of man I wanted in my life and helped me remove blockages from opening my home and myself to this man.  I lived in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.  Everyone told me I would never find the rare man I was looking for while living in this tiny remote town.  Within a year of Julia's consultation and working on the changes she suggested to my home, the man who is now my husband came into my life all the way from Washington DC.  I am so appreciative of having him in my life.  The second work that Julia did for me was around selling my home to the right buyers when my husband and I decided to move.  Julia helped me set clear intentions on the character of the buyer I wanted and the time frame in which I wanted the contract to be signed.  She gave me specific actions to take on specific dates and we sold the house to the right people in the desired time frame.   Julia is insightful and her work produces results.  I will use her services whenever I have a major life decision to make.

Kim S

My Life Chi consultation carried me through my field of indecisiveness and resistance.  I am happy moving forward into the next phase of my life.  You brought me peace.  Thank you so much.

Alsah M

My dream home is now a reality. I thank you so much for your assistance. I know this reality would not be what it is today without your guidance. Your advice and knowledge of feng shui  taught me so much in the process of planning, building, and then blessing my new home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Vicki W

While I was hesitant and nervous inviting you into my cluttered home, I am so happy I did! Your patience and compassion did a lot to calm my anxiety. I haven't implemented all your recommendations yet. I refer to my consultation notes periodically and 'bite off' one project at a time. My life has changed dramatically since our consultation and I know there is more to come! Thank you, Julia.

Karen L

My Seattle home had been off and on the market for six months from September 2015 through  February 2016 with no offers when I contacted Julia and her team member in the Pacific Northwest, Kim Stokely.  After I moved from the home in March, I asked this team to come clear the spaces in my Seattle home and to provide any further insights they might have as to why my home was not selling.  From the time I contacted them to when I first  spoke with Julia, I received within one week three offers on the home.  The day before the two were to clear my home, Julia began the information gathering part of the process via a phone session.   She asked questions regarding who had lived in the home prior to our family, how we felt about our home, what kinds of gatherings/events had happened there,  what was the family like who had the most serious offer on the house.  During this hour’s session it became clear to both of us that there was a very distinct and powerful energetic triangle between the prospective buyer, my home and the nearby church and its affiliated elementary school.  After thirteen wonderful years of our home providing a peaceful, rich sanctuary for me to raise my daughter, it was time for us to step outside of this triangle and move on, as we were no longer part of  the energetic of where this triangle was going.  All I had to do was see the triangle and be willing to step out of it.

Within an hour after this phone session with Julia, the buyers’ counter offer included all I had requested and I signed the final papers within four hours of my session with Julia.  Once she helped me see what i needed to do, the process of my home sale went at lightening speed.

We cancelled the clearing of the spaces session scheduled at my Seattle home for the next day, as it was no longer needed. The house, the buyer and I all received what we needed to consider the transaction a success.  Julia and Kim are very, very good at this work.


I didn’t have any experience with feng shui and didn’t know what to expect when I consulted with Julia, but she was very approachable and unpretentious (yes I was a little hesitant due to my lack of design sophistication or hipness); she customized the learning experience as well as the consultation to me. I was enchanted with the informational depth and intuitive resonance! Much more than I expected. I received detailed information on both the energy flows of the spaces in the home and of the home’s geographical setting. Julia also provided practical ideas and suggestions on how to optimize the energy for each of the spaces, personalized to each of the home dwellers. There had been an area in the house that felt dark for some reason, and in which a couple of negative experiences had occurred, and as such was an unused space. The reasons for uncomfortableness of the space made sense to me after I received the consultation, and upon following some of Julia’s suggestions, I have been using the space on a daily basis ever since. Julia truly has a unique gift!

Daphne V 

It was early July and I had decided to put my home on the market. Early summer is a prime time for selling a home, but by mid-September I still had not received even one bite. At this point a friend suggested I have a feng shui consultation to see what I could do to move the property along. Julia entered the scene. She had nine recommendations. We implemented several right on the spot, at which time a car stopped at the foot of my driveway and a flyer was taken! This had not been happening. I saved the final, more involved task to do the next day after Julia left. While in the process of completing this, a man in a small pickup pulled into my driveway and said, “This is the perfect place for my daughter! I will bring her by tomorrow.” Tomorrow came, but no daughter. I promptly completed the final steps. In two weeks, I had two full-price offers. The house sold in mid-October.
This is my first-hand experience of the power of feng shui as applied by an expert such as Julia. She is easy to talk to and is able to explain the science of feng shui in a down-to-earth, understandable way. I highly recommend her services. She’s awesome!

Denise B