My name is Julia Baldwin. I am a Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Consultant. I entered the professional world of Feng Shui after many years in the healing arts as a massage therapist, women’s healthcare professional, and Waldorf educator. I lived off the electrical grid for almost two decades. This experience vastly deepened my relationship with the natural world and informed my work as a gardener, builder and designer. I was greatly influenced by the grace and beauty of my mother-in-law, who lived her first eighteen years in China; she was my inspiration to study Traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

I graduated from the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in 2009 after studying with many great masters of this ancient practice. The rich curriculum of this school blended traditional Chinese/Taoist principles with a focus on contemporary eco-sustainable design principles.

I have come to appreciate that our living and working environments are reflections of our inner being and vice versa.  We are all alchemists engaged  in a process of continual reconstruction. Creating spaces that enhance this journey is my passion.

My goal is to be your guide as you engage in the process of personal reconstruction—utilizing feng shui and other Chinese healing arts, self inquiry, and a focus on personal energetic sustainability. Whether you are in relationship or living alone, moving to a new location or deeply rooted where you are, the journey ‘home’ can be both nurturing and transformative.


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