These Are The Steps We'll Go Through
When You Book A Consultation

1 - Complimentary Pre-Consultation Interview

  • We will discuss the scope of your consultation and decide which package meets your needs.
  • Depending on the extent of your project, consultations may be phased over a period of time.
  • Before scheduling your consultation, there is a 50% booking fee. You will receive a Pre-Consultation Questionnaire,  Terms Of Service Agreement,  and Payment Procedure.

2 - Defining A Set Of Goals

  • Your consultation will be tailored to your site and your own unique, individual needs, goals, objectives, and budget.
  • In a business consultation, we will discuss productivity, clarity, and financial goals.
  • After an inquiry process to discover your current challenges, desires, and intentions, we will narrow our efforts to a handful of clearly stated goals.

3 - Evaluating and Assessing The Site

  • Once we have focused our intention, we begin to analyze the physical and energetic conditions of your site.
  • In the Comprehensive Home/Topography and Buying a New Home Consultation there will be a full site analysis, including an assessment of the surrounding topography, roads, and directional orientation (using Google Earth). This foundational analysis is the starting point for all subsequent investigations of a comprehensive evaluation.
  • In the case of smaller project consultations, this larger context will not be addressed.

4 - Site Visit And Walk Thru

  • Depending on the consultation type, and with our clearly stated goals in mind, we begin the walk-thru and analysis.
  • If appropriate, compass readings and occupants birth-dates will be taken.
  • There is an emphasis on accomplishing the sought after objectives.

5 - Provide Recommendations

  • Depending on the level of consultation, my findings, analysis, and recommendations will be delivered either orally during the visit or in a written report in a second visit.
  • I will use traditional feng shui methodologies and modern design principles to deliver practical step-by-step recommendations.

6 - Implement And Follow-Up

  • As you implement these recommendations, my wish is that you succeed in meeting your goals.
  • If you have questions following the consultation, I invite email questions regarding the recommendations for up to a month.
  • I am happy to schedule an additional consultation if further considerations develop.

7 - Periodic Maintenance

Because energy in the cosmos changes over time, it is also important to revisit the feng shui of your home in times of:

  • Illness
  • Difficulty
  • Conflict
  • Or, periods of rapid transition

When you feel the need for an additional visit, please Contact Me.