Five Elements Color Consultation

The theory of the Five Elements is very complex. We each have all of these elements in our energetic make-up, but in different proportions. And, we each have a predominant element that is determined by the date and year of our birth.

If one of the Five Elements is too overpowering, or if an element is missing, it is important to bring this into balance in the home. Color is a powerful feng shui tool. Individual colors and color combinations can easily be used to balance you and your family's personal elemental natures. You can address these considerations with room color, art, photography, or various decor items.

You will receive a focused plan for your personal energetic needs. Color is light. When we welcome color into our homes, we are inviting light to play with our senses. We will pay attention to the particular attributes of each color, and where in the home they will be most supportive.

I can help if...

  • You don’t know where to start when choosing colors!
  • You are focusing on a chronic health issue.
  • You are wanting support and balance in your life.
  • You are needing to revitalize your space - home or work.
  • You are finishing a newly built or remodeled home.

Your consultation will include the following:

  • A Personal Elemental Energy Report based on the year, month, date, and hour of birth for all occupants.
  • A visit and analysis of your home or office.
  • An inquiry process to determine your primary focus in those areas, as well as your personal energetic needs.
  • A written report with my suggestions and recommendations based on these findings.


A Five Element Color Analysis Consultation is done in 2 visits and will be scheduled on an hourly basis.
The amount of time needed for this consultation (typically takes 3 hours) depends on:

  • Size of your space and the number of rooms you want assessed.
  • How many Personal Energy Reports will be analyzed. (How many people live or work in the space).
  • I first invite you to schedule a complimentary phone appointment so we can discuss the extent of your project, and approximate how much time will be needed. We can then schedule the first site visit.

Hourly rate - $75