Life Chi Consultation

The focus of this consultation will be based on your current life situation and personal intentions. We will explore blockages and uncover your dreams and desires. This alone can be very transforming. Think life-coaching with the bonus of feng shui tools for support.

Through this fluid process, as obstacles and objectives become clear, we will journey through your home and inner landscape with new eyes and a guiding touch.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • An I Ching reading for clarity of your personal intentions (if desired).
  • An analysis of energy patterns and how they are affecting you.
  • Suggestions of furniture placement.
  • Clutter clearing and storage solutions.
  • Clearing stagnant dense energy.
  • Recommendations to counteract feng shui challenges and strengthen desired areas of your life.
  • An exploration of how objects, imagery, colors, clutter, lighting, etc., may be affecting your health, mood, vitality, and goals.
  • An analysis and recommendations for your Ming Tang (entry to your home).


A Life Chi Home Consultation is usually scheduled as a single visit.

Hourly Rate - $75  (usually takes 2 - 4 hours)  Client can set amount of time allowed.

After our visit, it is up to you to implement the adjustments and recommendations. Taking personal responsibility can be very empowering and transforming. I am happy to support you in finding contractors or other people to assist you.

Fine-tuning can be an integral part of the work, and may require additional visits or consultation.