Feng Shui Garden Consultation

The essence of the feng shui garden is to allow energy to flow through and around our garden and home in a gentle way, and by so doing, clear the blockages and obstacles that we experience in life.

The goal of this consultation is to aid in the flow of beneficial and protective energy around your home while also creating a place for personal rejuvenation and sanctuary for the soul.

If you are looking for...

  • A greater relationship with the spirit of your place (Genius Loci).
  • Serenity and an integration of your inside and outside living space.
  • More joyful energy in your life. The more joyful and healing energy you put into your garden, the more this energy will be reflected back to you.
  • A renovation project of the exterior of your home or garden.
  • A sanctuary that integrates both indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • A plan for outdoor areas after new construction.
  • Ways to landscape, possibly including Permaculture or edible landscaping.
  • Integrating an orchard or vegetable garden into your existing landscape.

Your consultation will include the following:

  • A thorough discussion to get a sense of your vision.
  • A plan to pinpoint areas that are ideally suited for specific uses.
  • A design layout that will create harmonious flow of chi to integrate your gardens beautifully with your home.
  • An analysis of the nature of chi, yin and yang, and their appropriate locations.
    • Yang would represent the front or most public presentation of your garden.
    • Yin would represent the back or more private areas.
  • An observation of how the five elements are represented, creating a balance using color, shapes, and objects.
    • Wood     (green, tall shape)
    • Fire        (red, triangular shape)
    • Earth      (browns, yellows, square shape, brick, pottery, stone, dirt)
    • Metal      (white, round shape)
    • Water     (blue, black, wavy shape, ponds, rivers, lakes)
  • Discovering the way chi moves in the landscape.
    • Observing the pattern of the sun with the seasons.
    • Observing the wind patterns.
    • Looking at existing trees, hedges, and permanent features.
    • Analyzing traffic flow patterns (vehicle and walking).
    • Observing where chi is active or stagnant.
    • Assessing where there are straight and/or meandering chi patterns.
  • An assessment of property shape and surrounding topography (geomancy).
  • An assessment of the entrance to the property, and then to the home (ming tang).
  • An assessment of clutter in the yard/garden/property and suggested solutions, including plantings.
  • An assessment of, and remedy for, unwanted neighborly disturbances (sha chi).

What Your Consultation Does Not Include

This is not intended to be a landscape design service. I can make suggestions of horticulture/landscape design firms that can provide you with full-service design plans, plant selection, elevation drawings, etc.


A Feng Shui Garden Consultation will be scheduled on an hourly basis (typically takes two visits). You will receive an in-depth written report of the findings and recommendations. I first invite you to schedule a complimentary phone appointment so we can discuss the extent of your project. At that time we can schedule an initial site consultation.

  • Hourly Rate - $75 (Client can set amount of time allowed).
  • The initial site visit will consist of:
    • an inquiry and discovery of your intentions
    • a walk thru of property and existing gardens
    • obtaining compass readings and taking measurements

* I will then prepare my written analysis, garden assessment, and recommendations (hourly rate applies).

  • The second visit will consist of:
    • a thorough explanation and review of the findings
    • a step by step guide to achieving the recommendations