Comprehensive Home and Topography Consultation


The goals of this consultation will be based on your current life situation and personal intentions. At our first visit we will begin the inquiry process to discover what these are. To achieve the most powerful results we will focus on a certain aspect of your current life where you are seeking change.

With these personal intentions as our focus, a number of traditional feng shui methods will be used to analyze your home's surrounding landscape, architectural form, interior layout, and decor. In addition, we will look at the flow of vital energy within your home and it’s relationship to the outside natural world. The result of the feng shui process is designed to create transformation, improvement, and/or resolution in your life.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • Personal supportive elemental influences (5 elements).
  • Personal (most and least auspicious) directions for sleep, study, health, and relationships.
  • Recommendations for enhanced layout, furniture placement, and lighting.
  • Recommendations for clutter clearing and storage solutions.
  • Recommendations for orientation of outdoor living spaces.
  • Recommendations regarding colors and decor.
  • Earth energy analysis (geomancy and environmental influences).
  • Energy flow and containment analysis (Qi Flow).
  • Building structure analysis ( Bahzai Astrology).
  • Human energy analysis (Ming Gua Astrology).
  • Analysis of electromagnetic influences.
  • I Ching analysis of the relationship between you and your home.
  • I Ching reading to clarify your personal intentions (if desired).

A Comprehensive Home And Topography Consultation is done in two visits ( 2-3 hours ea. visit). You will receive an in-depth written report of the findings and recommendations. 


  • $500  (800 sq. ft. or less)
  • $700  (800 to 2000 sq. ft.)
  • $1000 (2000  to 3000 sq. ft.)
  • Additional cost for larger homes or apartments shall be discussed.
  • Floor plans are needed for this consultation. You are encouraged to provide these. An additional fee will be charged if I need to draw floor plans.
  • Hourly rate for additional visits or drawing floor plans - $75

After our final visit, it is up to you to implement the adjustments and recommendations. Taking personal responsibility can be very empowering and transforming. I am happy to support you in finding contractors or other people to assist you.

Fine-tuning can be an integral part of the work and may require additional visits or consultation.