Home Office Consultation

Each Home Office Consultation  is unique: designed to help stimulate vibrant business growth, increase your bottom line, and foster the powerful energy needed to become successful in your career. We will identify your immediate needs as well as your long term goals.

By creating a bright, beautiful, efficient, and organized work space, you will ensure your productivity, success, and well-being.

I Can Help You If...

  • You've chosen a path, but can't stay focused.
  • Your office is in your bedroom....help!
  • You can't get traction in your business.
  • You need better balance between your personal and professional lives.

Do You Need?

  • Greater sustained concentration.
  • Improvement in function and productivity.
  • Renewed optimism for your business.
  • To attract the clients you desire.
  • Clarity and confidence in decision-making.
  • New visibility and recognition in the world.
  • To increase revenue.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • An analysis of surrounding landform (topography).
  • An analysis of supportive elements for you and your business type (Five Elements).
  • An analysis of the yin/yang balance of environment, business type, and you.
  • An I Ching reading (if desired).
  • An analysis of indoor air quality and lighting, with recommendations on ways to improve the health of the environment.
  • Recommendations for the most powerful directions for desk placement to increase clarity, prosperity, and optimal functioning.
  • An analysis and recommendations for best entry into the office.
  • Ways to reduce the draining effects of electromagnetic fields from computers and electronic equipment.
  • A plan to make sure your home office reflects the energy you want to project into the world.
  • Suggestions of ways to clear clutter and create organizational systems.
  • Coordination of design, including color, materials and energy flow. 


A Home Office Consultation is done in two visits (typically, 2  hour visits). You will receive a written report of the findings and recommendations.

$375 (up to 550 sq. ft. office) Larger office spaces to be discussed.

Hourly Rate for additional visits - $75

After our final visit, it is up to you to implement the adjustments and recommendations. Taking personal responsibility can be very empowering and transforming. I am happy to support you in finding contractors or other people to assist you.