Wabi Sabi Wintertime Blues

Winter is the height of Yin: all things quiet, introverted, and passive. Water is the element of winter and represents rest, restoration, sleep, and dreaming.

Water is the source of creativity. It is a space without boundaries and thus the haven where imagination thrives. Creativity dwells in watery realms because that's where anything can happen. Use the darkness of the season to explore your inner world. Become quiet, less social, more introverted, and despite negative connotation—lazy. We need deep rest for authentic healing, rejuvenation, wisdom, and softening.

The winter blues can also arise in this deeply sensitive and emotional, watery time. This is a perfect time to acknowledge and adopt a Wabi Sabi approach to life. Wabi Sabi is an aesthetic and a philosophy born out of a Japanese world-view based on Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Wabi Sabi is an appreciation of the value and beauty of imperfection. It is modest, imperfect, and unrefined. Wabi Sabi celebrates the preciousness of all things imperfect, which is truly all things! Including you and me!

We all have a shadow side asking to be acknowledged and embraced. Inner strength is the positive manifestation of internal water energy, but its negative side is fear. We can embrace our inner strength, become paralyzed by our fear, or accept our imperfection. Joy is the underlying absolute. Contentment begins when we face and accept our idiosyncrasies and imperfections. This is the foundation of empowerment. It is a perfect time to heal the parts of ourselves we never want to acknowledge, much less learn to love.

The more you take pause in your life, the more room there is for your inspiration to emerge. Reclaim your creativity. Be the artist of your life. Think of this as if you are adapting and shape-shifting, just as water molds itself into whatever container you pour it into. Flowing like this preserves your energy. Let go. Trust. Stop the search. This is the action of water. Flow with the larger river of your life. Winter is the natural time to plant those seeds. To imagine.

Everything starts with creative imagination. Be the inventor of your life. Even the largest oak tree begins with a seed. What if your dreams are the seeds that grow the rest of your life? 

Consider creating a vision board. Give yourself some time. Gather images from old magazines, catalogs, and photos. Find images that speak to you, and make a collage on poster board or cardboard. Look for what makes you happy. Find your joy. Do this with open abandon.  Let the larger river of your life flow. Embrace your Wabi Sabi nature. Have fun and dream big!

After you have completed this, leave a comment below and share how the experience impacted you. What did you learn about yourself? What are your dreams? For me, it includes a small, simple Japanese inspired house with lots of light, stone and wood. Stay tuned for more on this idea!