Yang Red Fire Monkey Year

Welcoming 2016
The Yang Red Fire Monkey Year

The lunar year begins on the night of the second new moon after the winter solstice. This year is the Yang Red Fire Monkey year, and it begins February 8, 2016, and ends January 27, 2017.

At the beginning of every Chinese New Year it is considered auspicious to welcome the coming year by cleaning and freshening the threshold of your home. Sweep your front steps, porch, and entry to invite the energy of the new year and to let go of the past. Make sure your light fixtures are working properly; repaint your front door (if needed). Buy a new entry rug to welcome this new wild year! Get ready!

"The Monkey is the wizard of the impossible
whose brilliance is yet unmatched in it’s originality!"

This will be a year of discovery and adventure and a perfect year to create change. It is time to let go! You will be able to jump and climb from branch to branch and tree to tree, while having tremendous fun and success. Monkey is an active go-getter. At times (especially during the summer months) things could feel a little out of control. Your health will be restored and maintained in a calm and peaceful environment. In order to alleviate overwhelm and confusion, avoid all clutter in a Monkey year. Try to see delays that arise as opportunities to rest and strengthen. Be mindful about creating balance to avoid burn-out.

Monkey likes risk, change, strategy, learning, and progress. This is a great time to forge ahead while leaping over obstacles with ease as you reach for the sky! A roller-coaster ride with twists and turns, wild passions and unpredictability. The wiley Monkey is an opportunist and sometimes a trickster. He is a natural performer and can entertain you for hours with razor sharp wit, charm, and a bag of tricks. Even during difficult times he finds ways to overcome and succeed with great laughter and humor! Don’t lose your sense of humor this year!

This is a great year to acquire new practical skills which can inspire positive, forward momentum. Despite the fiery fluctuations of Monkey's energy, goals that previously seemed unreachable can be achieved with confidence and success.

You can expect this year to offer many stimulating conversations, new friends, exciting people, spontaneous gatherings, and travel. Remember to take time and relax to avoid burn-out. Be mindful of trickery, betrayal, mind games, and hidden facts, but don’t overthink it!  ;-)

This can be a crazy year for love. Relationships may form and break up at lightning speed. The Monkey is the most narcissistic of all the signs. Some relationships will experience issues around trust, jealousy, control, and ego. Couples in stable long-term relationships may be challenged by this invigorating energy, but ultimately find excitement, growth, and unprecedented positive changes.

The flamboyant Monkey loves to spend money on the finer things in life. Be sensible with your budget this year, but allow some indulgence. Money flow can be erratic, so be careful with pleasure-seeking and over-spending. Entrepreneurship and original ventures are destined for success this year; just watch out for tricksters.

Enjoy this year. Play and relax. Live each day with enthusiasm and wonder. Monkey’s unending sense of curiosity, fascination, and cleverness reminds us to dream big, follow our inspirations and have fun. This year won’t be quiet. You will need to put effort into staying balanced (did I mention burn-out?). Have faith in your vision and expect a very invigorating year.

I’m wishing you Good Luck in this Yang Red Fire Monkey Year!