Or, How To Clean Your Closet!

Consider that your closet may be the most cluttered space in your home. These hidden places are the same hidden places we hold onto in our personal lives. In feng shui terms, closets are connected to your innermost, and often hidden feelings about yourself. Using the supportive qualities of the season, this is a perfect place to begin letting go.

  • Do you have clothes from events or times in the past that no longer match your evolving personal style.
  • Do you have clothing that is tattered or stained and continually passed by when choosing what to wear?
  • Are you holding onto clothing in hopes you will return to a body you once had?
  • Do you cram items into dark corners, because there is no place else to put them?

We are all in a continual state of evolution. Consider this task as a process of refining and retaining your essence—an exercise in shedding the parts of yourself that no longer serve you. Be brave and courageous— so you can move forward in your life.

This clutter clearing task usually begins with thoughts of closet systems and a shopping trip for new storage options. Instead, I challenge you to shift your focus, to simplify and refine. Take everything out of your closet….everything. Then look at, touch, and possibly try on each item before you choose to keep it. This obviously needs some devoted time. Give yourself a whole day, if needed and/or possible. If you tackle this in short spurts you may never reach those dark corners.

Make a deal with yourself to keep only things you absolutely love. Period.  Don’t consider holding onto anything that doesn’t radiate and resonate your best self. Reinforce a positive self image by wearing clothes you love. Statistics say most people wear only 20% of the clothing they own. Who are you now? What parts of yourself are you letting go of? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Define your style and lifestyle needs.
    What are your typical day-to-day activities?
    What are your typical weekend functions?
    What type of special functions do you dress for?
  2. Do you absolutely need to store items seasonally?
    If you find your climate changing, perhaps there is no need to store items seasonally. Can you simply dress in layers?
    Research shows a large percentage of clothes that are stored away, never find their way out again.
  3. Are you keeping worn out clothes to wear around the house or yard? What you wear at home affects who you are. If you wear sloppy clothes most of the time you will end up looking like you belong in them. Remember the concept of dark hidden places.
  4. Everything should fit well and be worn regularly.
    Are there hats, scarves or gloves you forgot you had? You probably wear 20% of them, give the rest away.
    Are there shoes or clothes you got on sale, but never wear?
  5. Make conscious choices about who you are and what you love.

If you store items other than clothing in your closet, remove these too. Things must be taken out of hibernation before you can assess the need for their existence. Ask yourself the following:

   6. Do I really need to keep this?
       Is there a more logical storage location?
       Is this bedding I never use?
       Is there old paperwork stored here, that I can dispose of?
      Are there boxes stored that I have forgotten about and no longer need?

Create a system for dispersing your unwanted items. Donate, sell on consignment, give to friends, or simply dispose of. It is always prudent to be mindful of recycling and reusing, but don’t let this practice trip you up. Remember the intention is to let go. Once everything is removed from the closet, do a deep cleaning and consider repainting before putting anything away. Assess and improve the lighting if necessary. If you need to buy organizing or storage items, remember even these should be beautiful and worthy of your purchase. You need to love them! The intention is not having to repeat this process!

Be mindful when re-creating your closet world. How clean, peaceful, and beautiful is your inner world? Honor, respect, and love yourself as you complete this process. Perhaps you have discovered a truer you. Consider rewarding yourself for ‘coming clean’! Who is this new you? Vow to appreciate and celebrate the essence of who you are. Now, whenever you choose new clothing, do it from a place of honoring this essential you. In feng shui terms, your closet and your clothing will now mirror your highest self.