Selling Your Real Estate Consultation

New home purchasers generally decide whether they will buy a new home in the first eight seconds upon viewing. This feeling begins before they enter the front door. Attracting a buyer starts at the curb or entrance to the property—so this is where we begin. Often times it virtually begins when the home is initially visited on a real estate, online website.

How chi flows throughout the home, and what speaks to the potential buyer regarding how they will eat, sleep, rest, unwind, socialize and be held by this home, are important.

I can help you If...

  • You are a broker who wants to attract more attention, viewings, and offers.
  • You are a broker who has had a home on the market for far too long and wants to know what is preventing it from selling.
  • You are preparing to, or have already, put your house on the market and are ready to make the changes needed to sell it promptly.
  • You have made an offer on a new home that is contingent upon selling your existing home.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • Recommendations and suggestions based on your budget.
  • An evaluation of the home’s exterior, initial appearance, and recommendations.
  • An evaluation of the home’s entry, walkways, yard, porch, and front door.
  • An evaluation of chi flow in the home and any obstacles to be remedied.
  • Recommendations regarding furniture placement, staging, decor, and clutter.
  • Strategic steps to create attraction, appeal, and energetic qualities to get your house sold.


The Selling Real Estate Consultation will be billed on an hourly basis with a  one hour minimum charge.

Hourly rate - $75  

I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone appointment to discuss the the property before scheduling the site visit.