Selecting A New Home Consultation

This Consultation and analysis will reveal the potential of a home’s ability to sustain you energetically. I will begin with a search for positive factors that can support you—the new residents—while simultaneously seeking to identify any negative factors that may not.

The surrounding topography and landscape play a fundamental role in determining the level of success, renown, wealth, and longevity an individual or family will be able to harness in a particular location. This being said, the process begins with an evaluation of the site to determine the topographical elements present: the surrounding landform, water courses, weather patterns, as well as alignment of buildings, roads, and entries to the property.  Assessing whether or not an environment is free of stressful influences is the first step.

Feng shui also pays close attention to the architectural form of the structure and the internal layout of rooms and spaces. The goal is to analyze the flow of chi and appraise the quality and level of vitality that the space presents. This also involves assessment of natural light availability, and the design of entrances, corridors/hallways, stairs, and other connectors.

The degree of clarity or enlightenment that a person or family can achieve is reflected in the quality of light and its brilliance in the home. Feng shui is concerned just as much with good design as with the well-being and success of the space's occupants.

Here’s How My Guidance Can Help

  • When you are comparing properties for purchase or rent.
  • To find the perfect spot when you know how you want your life to be.
  • To evaluate the potential of a site and/or home as it relates to you personally.
  • To avoid an investment that may not benefit you.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • An earth energy analysis (geomancy and environmental influences).
  • An energy flow and containment analysis (Qi flow).
  • Astrology to determine the optimal facing directions for the house and if room configuration is supportive.
  • Recommendations based on analysis with emphasis on the pros and cons of property.


The Selecting a New Home Consultation will be done in one onsite visit. (Approx. 3 hours total, including Google Earth assessment done ahead of time).

$300 (no written report).

Additional consultation fee for subsequent visits: $75 per hour.