Business / Retail / Commercial Consultation

Feng shui is different than just getting organized. It uses instinct-based design principles applying both ancient and modern forms of environmental psychology and human behavior. Creating a highly functioning office or retail space with optimum feng shui will support you while increasing productivity and creative thinking. It will position you to see opportunities coming your way and maximize your potential for financial success.


  • Would you like to create a wholesome, balanced, working environment?
  • Do you desire to be more productive in your work?
  • Do you have aspirations for increased prosperity?
  • Do you want to move stuck or stagnant energy?
  • Are you eager to expand your market and/or client base?
  • Do you desire heightened productivity, focus, and creativity in your workplace?
  • Do you seek a tangible sense of increased personal and professional empowerment?
  • Do you want increased recognition in your field?


  • A discussion to determine your goals and focus for the consultation.
  • Energy flow and containment analysis (Qi Flow), with recommendations.
  • Recommendations for enhanced layout, furniture/fixture placement, and lighting.
  • An analysis of electromagnetic Influences.
  • An I Ching reading regarding you and your business (if desired).
  • Supportive elemental/color influences for your business, yourself, and personnel.
  • Personal (most auspicious and least auspicious) directions for mental clarity and productivity for you and individual personnel.
  • Recommendations for clutter clearing and storage solutions.


The  Business / Retail and Commercial Consultation will be billed on an hourly basis and will depend on the size of your business or office.

Hourly rate - $75

I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone appointment to discuss your situation. I will then recommend the most appropriate service to meet your needs and budget.