Building Or Remodeling Your New Home Consultation

This consultation is similar to the Comprehensive Home and Topography Consultation in that the analysis of your plans will consist of a two-fold search for positive factors that will support and enhance your prosperity, career, health, and personal potential, while simultaneously seeking to identify any negative factors that may hinder your success in any of these areas.

A number of traditional feng shui methods will be used to analyze your home's surrounding landscape, architectural form, interior layout, and proposed decor. In addition, we will look at the flow of vital energy within the plans for your new home and it’s relationship to the outside natural world. Reviews can be especially useful during the early design phases of a project, including: site selection, building placement, schematic design, and space planning.

This is one of my favorite consultations. I love sharing the concepts that can literally change your world! You have the opportunity right now to create a home that is living in harmony with nature. A home that is warmed and illuminated by the changing light of the sun, and cooled by breezes coming through strategically placed windows. A home that literally nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

I can help you with

  • Design guidance based on ancient feng shui principles.
  • Specific life issues you want addressed in your new space.
  • Integrating interior and exterior living spaces in your building or remodeling project. 
  • Building your dream home and getting it right!
  • Designing a home that supports your particular, personal stage in life.

Your Consultation Will Include:

  • An earth energy analysis (geomancy and environmental Influences) and recommendations for house placement (new construction).
  • An energy flow and containment analysis (Qi Flow) and recommendations.
  • Building form analysis ( Bahzai astrology) and recommendations.
  • Your energy analysis (Ming Gua astrology) and recommendations.
  • An analysis of electromagnetic Influences and recommendations.
  • An evaluation of personally supportive elemental/color influences.
  • An evaluation of personal auspicious and/or inauspicious directions for sleep, study, etc.
  • Recommendations for enhanced layout, furniture placement, and lighting.
  • Recommendations for orientation of outdoor living spaces.
  • Assistance with architects and builders in executing your design.

What your Consultation Does Not Include

This is not intended to be a comprehensive custom design service . I can make suggestions of contractors and architects that can provide this for you.


Building or Remodeling Your Home Consultation will be scheduled on an hourly basis. Hourly rate - $75. You will receive an in-depth written report of the findings and recommendations.
Depending on the scale of the project, it might take approximately 10 hours. I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone appointment to discuss the property before scheduling our first site visit.
Ideally it will be done in two visits.

The first visit will consist of:

  • discovering your intentions.
  • a walk thru of property and home, site evaluation and/or review of plans.
  • a visual assessment and the taking compass readings.
  • acquiring  floor plans.

I will then prepare my written analysis and recommendations, and when completed, will schedule your second visit (hourly rate applies).

The second visit will consist of:

  • a thorough explanation and review of the findings.
  • a step by step guide to achieving the recommendations.

Fine-tuning can be an integral part of the work, and may require additional visits or consultations.